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Do you remember a time when everything fell into place for you with ease?

That time…when the right set of circumstances emerged.  So did the opportunities that felt true to your soul.  You had the support of those who believed in you.  And it all magically fit together and showered down on you as effortlessly as petals falling from a flower. 

It felt as though this chain of events unfolded synchronistically and serendipitously…

Did this series of events occur randomly or were there other forces at play?

Nothing in the universe is random, even if it appears to be so when we are unable to connect the dots. 

If nothing is random, can we create this kind of magic that lets our goals and dreams flow to us without struggle?   

Yes we can!

Definition of Serendipity

What to expect from this workshop?

This interactive workshop will help you to get into the mental-emotional and physiological state where you can attract serendipitous moments that drift into your life synchronistically. 

This workshop will consist of experiential exercises that’ll enable you to tap into the most powerful tools you’re born with – your imagination and intuition. 

This workshop is an experience in itself! 

You’ll boldly create what you want and be the visionary of your life.  

You’ll also attract experiences that you could never have consciously orchestrated – the kind of unexpected or accidental luck that makes your jaw drop with awe.

Let Amreen guide you to use the faculties of your mind and heart that get you into this state of flow.  In this state, you’ll stumble upon many happy coincidences that will surprise you and everyone else in your life. 

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By: Amreen (Creator of

Price: £45 for workshop or £75 for a private session (scroll down for information about private sessions)

What you’ll need to bring:  Your greatest assets – an open mind and heart

When & Where:


Sunday, 1st December, 2019, 2-5 pm, YORKSHIRE CENTRE FOR WELLBEING, Harrogate – EVENT ENDED

Amreen also offers private sessions, customized to fit individual needs, to remove barriers as well as to attract synchronistic and serendipitous moments in specific areas of one’s life. Private session per individual is £75. It consists of a 90-minute session through a video call via Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime. If you are interested in a private session, contact Amreen at

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Trailer by Amreen Choudhury


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