Amreen Choudhury is the creator of and the author of I Without Me: For Your Journey Within & Without (get a free copy).

She offers astrology, meditation and intuition development to help others reach their potential as well as to find answers and concrete solutions.

She also teaches astrology (through workshops, webinars & one-on-one lessons), and provides other unique seminars that are geared toward self-empowerment.

Amreen graduated with an MA in International Affairs.  She has lived and worked in multiple countries during the course of her career with humanitarian and international organizations, including the UN and Oxfam. 

Living in different societies helped her to learn and cultivate her spiritual interests from different esoteric traditions. She draws from her experience from various corners of the world to bring magic, whimsy and infinite possibilities through her work.

Her calling in life is to inspire and free others from limitations through astrology, spirituality and otherworldly matters.