You have the power to charm, seduce, influence and persuade others. 

When you know the horoscope of your subject – their moon sign to be more specific – then you can use particular hypnotic methods designed to create an impact on them.  

Why the moon?

The moon in astrology holds clues to our emotional needs, whether we are aware of it or not.

The moon reveals what brings us joy at our core and what makes us feel safe and secure at a sub-conscious level.

And hypnosis works at a sub-conscious level.

Blending your understanding of someone’s moon sign with hypnosis will give you an advantage in getting them to go along with you.

For a long time, I wanted to collaborate with an expert in the field of hypnosis and combine astrology to come up with tools that people can use to build rapport and stronger bonds with others.

The universe heard my call when a friend introduced me to a seasoned hypnotist who I will refer to as Professor X out of respect for his wish to remain anonymous.

Professor X has carried out ground-breaking work, including with three-letter government agencies who shall remain nameless for privacy purposes.

We collaborated on a project, which is now available in a short masterclass called “Hypnotize by the Moon” (link below).

For our collaboration, I gave Professor X basic astrology lessons on what each moon sign represents and under which of the four elements (fire, earth, air, water) they fall on.

Based on this understanding, Professor X shared hypnosis tips that would captivate individuals with moon signs in each of the four elements.

The methods you will learn in this masterclass are powerful beyond measures.

His suggestions will help you cultivate the command of your own language and speech in ways that are influential.

Do you want to charm your date? Do you want your crush to find you irresistible? Do you want to have extra advantages in a competitive job interview? Do you want to persuade your boss to go along with your ideas? Or at the very least, do you want to get your kids to tidy their rooms?

If you answered yes to any of the above, now you can!

The power to influence others is now at the tip of your finger, taking you into a new direction.  

There is nothing like this out there that combines astrology with hypnosis.

No prior knowledge of astrology is needed to understand and use the methods. You will learn how to find out the moon sign of your subject using their date of birth.

In this unique masterclass for over an hour, I combine Zoom conversations I had with Professor X with visuals and text. His methods and suggestions are summarized repeatedly to help such knowledge sink in. 

We are offering this masterclass for only £55 so that it is affordable for many people around the globe.  You can watch the video as many times as you like. 

Our only advice is that you use such information ethically…

BUY “Hypnotize by the Moon– £55 (via PayPal or any major credit card) – Click HERE

You will receive an e-mail with a link & a password to access this masterclass as soon as you buy it. If you don’t receive the link after the purchase, contact Amreen at and she will respond as soon as possible.

Also, check the “spam” or “junk” folder of your e-mail after the purchase.


“This masterclass is amazing! Can’t believe how effective the methods are. Would love to meet Amreen and Professor X in person one day :). Thank you both for sharing your knowledge.” – Trevor, Calgary, Canada

“Wow! I love this masterclass! I started to apply some of the tips and it has been miraculous!” – Tina, Auckland, New Zealand

“This class is one of a kind. I studied astrology for a long time and I like how I can use my understanding of astrology with hypnosis.” – Sunil, Manchester, UK

2 thoughts on “Hypnosis, Seduction & Persuasion by the Moon (USE WITH CAUTION)

    1. Yes. The moon changes signs every 2.5 days. If your subject’s date of birth is on the same day when the moon changes signs, then their moon can be narrowed down to 2 out of 12 zodiac signs.

      Also, the hypnotic methods in this masterclass can be applied on anyone (regardless of their moon signs). But the methods pack a greater punch if you use the specific methods designed for your subjects’ moon signs.

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