The following lessons are a continuation of Part A: 7 lessons from a Saturn transit in your sign with tips to help you thrive.

Lesson #1: Things you achieve or create during this time will have lasting power

Saturn helps you to create structure and build solid foundation in your life.

Saturn will ensure that things you’re trying to achieve during this time become milestones in your life.  The type of achievements that are built on a solid foundation of hard work and grit, which cannot be easily knocked down.

This could be a degree, or your first published book, or a business you establish. It will be something that will define you.  And it may be something you’ll be remembered for.

Also, it’s not uncommon to get married or have a child during such transits.  You’ll be in a place in your life that’ll require you to take greater responsibility, which will create stability for you and others.

Tip: One of the reasons why you find yourself working extra hard when Saturn transits your sun or rising sign is because you’re no longer involved in superficial matters.  Whether you realize it or not, you’ll be working towards things that will have lasting impact.

Lesson #2: The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

“Do these jeans make me look fat?”

Let’s face it, none of us want to hear “yes” to this question.

If anything, this is one of the times when we expect to hear a white lie.   If a friend gives you an honest “yes”, you’ll be hurt and may even resent your friend’s brutal honesty.

But keep in mind that your friend’s intention may not be malicious.  Your friend’s intention may be to tell you the truth to help you make the right decision.  In this case, the right decision could be to buy a pair of jeans that are more flattering or to lose some weight if that’s what you really want.

Alternatively, it could be to get rid of this friend from your life forever.  Especially if this friend took the liberty in answering “yes” to this question when you never even asked.

Similarly, Saturn transits strip away sugar-coated half-truths and beliefs to show reality and the people in your life as they really are.

Things that you’ve outgrown or that are no longer meaningful for you will be relentlessly exposed to help you get to the core of your truth, even if it’s painful.

It’ll be hard to hear or see the truth, especially when it reveals shortcomings in your relationships or career or even in yourself.  But, that’s exactly what you’ll need to face to make the changes that are ultimately right for you.

Tip: Make this your mantra: “The truth will ultimately set me free.”

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Lesson #3: Things that are taken away are ultimately best for us

By now, you can see a theme emerging here – painful truth being exposed to unveil what’s not right for us; things not working out the way we want despite our best efforts; etc.

Continuing with this theme of areas in our life not working out the way we want, you may notice that many things you associate your happiness with may also get taken away at certain points during this phase.

You may not realize when you’re going through it.  But I promise you that one day you’ll be glad that such things were removed from your path!  I know that it sounds irritating to hear.  I used to roll my eyes every time someone said this to me.

But, remember that it’s similar to a relationship that may have failed in your distant past.  It could’ve been painful back then.  But now, looking back, you can’t thank your lucky stars enough that you’re no longer with that person.

Or that time when you wanted a job badly with a specific company and it was almost within your grasp.  But, you were passed up for that opportunity.  You were quite disappointed at that time.

And then…fast forward to a day in the future.  As fate would have it, you meet someone who works for that company that turned you down.  And she doesn’t hold back in giving you an honest overview of what it’s like to work for them.  She’s as honest as that friend who answers “yes” to the “do these jeans make me look fat” question (from the previous lesson).

Other factors you later learn about that company further verify her claims.  And now you know that the rejection was a blessing in disguise.

You may even have an epiphany that if a past relationship or a job did work out for you back then, it would’ve held you back from reaching greater heights in your life.  Although you didn’t know at that time, but now you are immensely grateful that the universe had your back all along!

This is how Saturnian lessons work at times, even if you don’t realize it until much later.

Tip: Saturn is your best friend who’s willing to look like the bad guy to save you from pain and heartache in the future.

Lesson #4: You’ll create epic work you’ll be proud of in the midst of hardship

As you may have figured out by now, there will be times when you’ll feel like you’ve hit rock bottom when Saturn transits your sun sign and ascendant.  Of course, it’s not during the entire transit, but during some hard aspects of this phase.

However, what was surprising to me was how I was able to create some of my most epic and memorable work in the midst of the most difficult times.  I’m still stunned by this to this day!

When I analyze this further, I think much of it had to do with taking chances and not caring what others will think when one doesn’t have much to lose anyway. When you are in this space, you get a surge of creative freedom.

And one of the most liberating things I realized is that we don’t necessarily need to be in the “right” state of mind or circumstances to be remarkable.  This realization alone has been a game-changer for me.

I have to admit that I’m a huge fan of creating the conditions and getting into the frame of mind that facilitate success.  The “right” conditions and frame of mind certainly put us at ease and make us more confident in pursuing what we want.  But it is not always necessary to be in this state for success to follow. And you’ll know why in the lesson below.

Tip: Once you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up, up and up.

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Lesson #5: Saturn builds resilience

It’s easy to feel inspired and motivated when things go our way.  But Saturn teaches us resilience when things don’t go our way.  And resilience is the ultimate ingredient for success.

Luck comes and goes.  Both good times and bad times are fleeting, just like our mental-emotional states.  We may enjoy periods of success.  But failures are inevitable, especially for the most successful people.

Saturn, the Great Teacher, is acutely aware of the transiency in all things in this physical domain.  And it teaches us to be our own rock as we navigate through the ups and downs of our existence in the physical realm.

Life remains stagnant when everything is too easy.  Saturn shows us that we need challenges to grow and evolve.

The good news is no other planet comes close to Saturn when it comes to discipline.  Saturn will give you the discipline to undertake the most challenging tasks and will ensure that you don’t deviate from your goals.

Tip: Saturn is not an advocate of the “We’re all Winners” club.  With Saturn, you win through hard work and determination.

Lesson #6: Karma is alive and well

If you pay attention, you’ll notice during Saturn transits that things you’ve done to others come back to you.

Those you’ve helped in the past come to your rescue when you least expect it.

The pendulum can swing the other way of course in the areas of your life where you’ve been unfair.  If you don’t think you’ve ever been unfair, Saturn will remind you.

You’ll also see karma’s effects on others as well.

So, try to be fair and compassionate to others as much as possible in your life right now.  Don’t leave anything unfinished because they’ll surely catch up to you.

Besides teaching us about discipline, I can’t think of any other planet that teaches us about fairness as much as Saturn.

I was truly humbled to see the law of karma in action a number of times during this phase.

By the end of Saturn’s transit in my natal sun, I knew who my authentic friends and well-wishers have been all along.  Superficial relationships dissipate.  And you’ll never tolerate surface-level relationships again.

Tip: Address anything unfinished and genuinely express gratitude to those who have helped you.

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Lesson #7: Slow and steady win the race

During Saturn transits, things move at a snail’s pace.

This was one of the most frustrating things for me.  I’ve always taken pride in being a doer.  With so many fire elements in my chart, I dislike feeling limited from doing and not seeing concrete results from my action.

And boy oh boy, Saturn is relentless in teaching us patience and restraint…until we recognize that we never fully mature and grow without patience and restraint.

It’s of course wonderful to see our actions bearing fruits.  But as we mature, we realize that sometimes the best action is no action.

Tip: Forcing action to generate results will backfire.

So, there you have it.

These are the lessons you’ll learn from Saturn’s transit in your sign (sun or rising sign).

You’ll definitely grow light years ahead.  And you’ll become wise beyond your years.

Some of the experiences may be difficult during this phase of your life.  But one thing for sure, when you look back at these times in the future, you won’t wish that they were anything else.

I noticed that when I finally accepted and even embraced many of the challenges during this transit, I became happier even in the midst of challenges.  And many things started to fall into place for me.

I wish that I could’ve prepared for all the lessons in advance before the transit.  But, now you can.

So, bookmark Part A and Part B of this post (or even print out these lessons and tips) whether you’re anticipating a Saturn transit or are already in one.

Remember that you’ll not only be able to cope with such transits, but you’ll also be able to thrive!

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