Cinema has been one of my passions ever since I can remember.

There is nothing I love more than getting fully immersed in a story through sights, sounds and visuals that transport us to another world.  Some films not only entertain us, but they also leave an indelible mark on our psyche. 

Some of the most unforgettable films have moved many of us to tears, made us roar with laughter, kept us on the edge of our seats and evoked awe and wonder…in a matter of few hours.

In honor of films from different genres I’ve relished over the years, I wanted to merge my love of cinema with another of my greatest passions – astrology!

For film-buffs and astrology enthusiasts, here are a list of films that (I think) capture the cinematic essence of all 12 signs of the zodiac.

ARIES: Bold and fiery with relentless determination to tackle even the most challenging situations.

FILM: Mad Max: Fury Road – Courage and enormous drive to survive the most dire circumstances, and daring to thrive even when all hope is lost. With non-stop fiery action, I can’t think of a better film that represents Aries!

TAURUS: Earthy sensuality, and loves to be surrounded by beauty in all forms.

FILM: Il Postino – One of my favorite films of all time! A cinematic treat with characters that tug at your heartstrings, poetry that melts the coldest of hearts and a soundtrack that will be etched in your memory forever, with the backdrop of lush Italian landscapes.   

GEMINI: Expressive and playful, with an intellectually curious and quick-witted mind that is always buzzing with ideas.

FILM: Amélie – Quirky French film that is a crowd pleaser! It takes the audience into the imaginative world of Amélie who sees magic and wonder even in the most mundane things and situations.

CANCER: Family-oriented, and nurturing and generous to the core when it comes to making friends and loved ones feel included and loved.  

FILM: The Addams Family – The love and acceptance the Addams demonstrate for their own family members are unparalleled…and quite Cancerian.  Next time when you find yourself judging your family for their weirdness, think of the Addams and their unconditional acceptance of one another no matter how different, odd or creepy a member of their clan behaves.

LEO: The performers of the zodiac – fiery Leos are known for their dramatic flair and a vibrant presence that never fails to entertain.  

FILM: Billy Elliot – A coal miner’s son rises to the top of the ballet world with his extraordinary theatrical presence and performance, defying the expectations of his family and community.  

VIRGO: Analytical and practical to the core.  Virgos adapt to changing circumstances and difficulties by being systematically diligent in overcoming challenges.

FILM: The Shawshank Redemption – Another of my most favorite films of all time! Nobody expected mild-mannered and unassuming Andy, who is sentenced to a life term, to survive prison life. Little did they know that beneath his meek veneer laid a determined soul who never gave up or lost hope. 

LIBRA: The sign of partnership that strives for balance and harmony in all areas of life, especially relationships.

FILM: Like Water For Chocolate – Can’t think of any other film that captures the Libran essence of the pursuit of the relationship one desires…by all means.  This magical Mexican tale captures the epic romance of two star-crossed lovers who were forbidden to wed. But that never stopped their determination to be together, with the young man marrying the sister of the woman he loves to be close to her.

SCORPIO: Known for their intensity, stemming from the depths of the deepest psyche and the unseen realm, Scorpios often possess the ability to know what’s behind the veil.

FILM: The Sixth Sense –  This supernatural thriller about a young boy haunted and visited by ghosts is the perfect cinematic depiction of the essence of Scorpio for getting to the bottom of unresolved issues that lurk in the shadows.

SAGITTARIUS: The freedom-loving travellers of the zodiac known for their open-minded and adventurous spirit that can never be contained.

FILM: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial – Sadges and adventures are inter-changeable. Even when they’re not looking for adventures, adventures somehow find them! The friendship between a young boy and a gentle creature from outer space defies societal boundaries and rules, leading to an unforgettable adventure that extends to the cosmos.   

CAPRICORN: The most ambitious sign of the zodiac.  Capricorns are responsible to the core, and they rise to the top through persistence, resourcefulness and a deep sense of obligation.

FILM: The Godfather – Out of obligation to his family, Michael reluctantly joins the Mafia when his father dies, and he slowly rises to the top despite treachery, brutality and the ongoing violence that surrounds him.

AQUARIUS: Way ahead of their time, free-spirited Aquarians are original and deeply innovative with a non-conformist attitude that has the power to change humankind.

FILM: The Matrix – What does it mean to be human? Are we truly living out our humanness? Or is our humanness dictated by something else that we may not even be aware of? The Matrix tackles these questions and more when Neo breaks free from simulated reality and fights for humanity’s freedom from an artificial reality that keeps everyone unknowingly trapped. Mixing philosophy with martial arts and ground-breaking action sequences, The Matrix truly is Aquarian in pushing the boundaries of what was thought possible to capture on film.

PISCES: Fluid and dreamy, Pisces can be deeply intuitive and even psychic, with the tendency to escape to a world of imagination so rich that it goes beyond our five-sensory domain.

FILM: What Dreams May Come – A beautiful film with breathtaking visuals about love that always connects us to those we love and that continues to exist beyond this physical realm after we all perish.  The main character risks his eternal soul to reunite with his beloved wife in the afterlife.  It is a tale of how far one is willing to travel inwards and outwards to be with the ones we love.

Feel free to suggest other films in the comment section below that you think best characterize the zodiac signs.

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