My favorite season, Halloween, is here!

The veil between our world and the hereafter is thin during this time of the year.

This time is ripe for honoring those who’ve gone ahead of us.

It’s also the perfect time for revelling in Halloween traditions without the fear of judgment from others – including trick-or-treating, costume parties, divination games, and my most favorite, watching horror movies!

For a nerd like me, scary movies are a harmless way to get an adrenaline rush from the cozy comfort of a couch with the safety of a blanket to cover my face when things get too frightening.

These films also bring back some of the fondest memories of my teenage years, when horror movie nights with sleepovers and pizzas were my idea of a great time.

You form a special bond with friends for life with whom you have a history of huddling together during horror movie nights. You reminisce on the moments you shouted together “Don’t go to the basement, get out of the house!” when you recall watching the bustiest girl on screen with the skimpiest outfit meet her gruesome end.

Other than past memories of getting the bejesus scared out of us, many also have horror movies to thank for helping them get close to their dates in dark movie theatres.

In honor of films that got our adrenaline pumping and kept us up at night (and occasionally helped us to make a move on our dates), I couldn’t let this time pass by without identifying a list of creepy films that capture the fear and the dark essence of each sign of the zodiac.

ARIES: The shadow side of fiery and feisty Aries is their temper which can flair and spread like a forest fire when triggered.  Their hot-headedness needs a safe release and a healthy outlet. Or else, all hell can break loose when they unleash their wrath.

FILM: The Purge – You feel a sense of dread rising as you hear the announcement for the annual commencement of the “Purge” when all crimes are legal for 12 hours, during which all emergency services are suspended.  The concept behind this government-sanctioned tradition is to allow the citizens of a dystopian USA to let all their frustrations and rage out through violence without consequences. This is a nightmarish society in which the dark side of Aries-type fury in full force can wreak havoc when left unchecked.

TAURUS: Earthy and sensorial Taureans are known for their heightened senses, especially their sense of taste and smell. They are often associated with gourmet cuisine and fine dining.  They have refined taste and an insatiable craving for the finer things in life, which can be dangerous when left uncontained without any limits or boundaries.

FILM: The Silence of the Lambs – When a young FBI agent is assigned to interview Hannibal the Cannibal, an incarcerated serial killer, she gradually discovers how he targets his victims. He uses his acute senses to catch his prey, and makes no apology when they show up on his dinner plate. Charismatic and charming with impeccable taste and manners, the audience wonders if Hannibal is falling in love with her or does he have sinister intentions.

GEMINI: The dark side of Gemini is their two-facedness with the ability to pull off Jekyll and Hyde moments in the blink of an eye. Many have been burned by this volte face attitude of the sign of the twins when their playful innocence gets replaced by a cruel streak at the drop of a hat.

FILM: Us – A family is stalked and tormented by a gang of doppelgangers who are a frightening mirror image of themselves. Their shadowy counterparts keep showing up in their lives no matter how hard they try to get away from them. Who are their twins, and where do they come from? Are they their clones? Are they another version of themselves from a parallel universe? Or, are they being confronted by their shadow side, demanding to be seen and heard?  These are Gemini-themes of the light and dark aspects we all possess and what happens when we refuse to acknowledge the unpleasant parts of ourselves.

CANCER: Nostalgic and sentimental Cancers are often associated with home and family. They can have a tendency to hold on to the past and can have a deep connection with their mothers, for better or worse. 

FILM: Hereditary – Grief and tragedy befalls a family when their matriarch passes away. Disturbing and sinister secrets from the past begin to surface as the family delves into occult and supernatural practices to cope with sorrow and guilt. Are we shaped by what we inherit from our ancestors to a large extent? And can we let go off the demons linked to our lineage? These Cancerian-themes of ancestry are explored in this film in terrifying ways.

LEO: Exuberant Leos love to amuse and entertain others with drama and passion. They often have a special affinity with children because of their warm, playful and fun-loving nature.  But what happens when the performers of the zodiac get tainted by a malevolent force?

FILM: It – Our childhood nightmares have a face in the form of Pennywise, an evil clown that makes our bones chill with terror.  Pennywise entices the children of a small town with balloons and entertainment before terrorizing and tormenting them. This town has a history of unresolved cases of missing children, which seven friends set out to investigate, coming to terms with their own fears and traumas.

VIRGO: Analytical and detail-oriented Virgos can drown in perfectionism when they become obsessed with minute details and aren’t able to see the forest for the trees. Their unrestrained perfectionism can lead to immense self-criticism and even self-harm in the pursuit of the ideal they see as perfect.

Film: Black Swan – This film is an alarming depiction of the horrors of perfectionism, as a young ballerina attempts to embody “Black Swan” in order to be selected to perform this role. Her commitment and dedication to be the perfect fit for this coveted part takes a startling turn as she loses her grip on reality and verges on insanity.

LIBRA: The sign of the scales is preoccupied with balance, fairness and harmony. However, the quest for justice and fairness over wrongdoings is often anything but harmonious. It can be unsettling and unpleasant when chaos and terror ensue in the attempt to balance the harm.

FILM: The Killing of a Sacred Deer – A surgeon takes an orphaned boy, who has a secret connection to his past, under his wing.  The surgeon’s family gets struck by mysterious illnesses soon after they meet the boy. To save his family, he is forced to make an unnerving and disturbing sacrifice to right a wrong and balance the scales of justice, as we watch with horror and disbelief.

SCORPIO: The intense and mysterious nature of Scorpios is frequently associated with the dark side. Halloween is synonymous with Scorpio. After all, it’s no accident that Halloween happens to fall on Scorpio season.  With an “all-or-nothing” attitude, Scorpios can decode mysteries (including paranormal mysteries) with their sharp mind and investigative nature.

FILM: The Ring – There are too many horror movies to pick from which could represent Scorpio. I finally decided on this one, which is based on the Japanese film Ringu.  A videotape with cryptic images and messages is rumored to be cursed as it kills anyone who watches it in seven days. A journalist investigates the curse behind the videotape and uncovers chilling discoveries that will fill you with dread and terror.

SAGITTARIUS – A philosophical sign with an expansive mind which loves to explore and connect the dots to understand the bigger picture of whys and hows. Sagittarians are known for their pursuit of the truth, which can lead them to dabble in religion and the metaphysics.  But the quest for truth at the intersection of faith, science and the supernatural can lead to horrifying experiences.

FILM: The Exorcism of Emily Rose – Based on a true story, a Catholic priest is on trial due to the death of a young woman during an exorcism. Debates rage on during his trial over the bigger questions of belief and what the medical community thinks.  Did she die from a demonic possession during the exorcism? Or was it a case of homicide from negligence if she was suffering from a serious mental illness?

CAPRICORN: Capricorn often represents the archetypal “father” in astrology – the one who provides for their family and protects them from harm. But what happens when the provider loses it and gets taken over by a menacing force that will stop at nothing to get what it wants?

FILM: The Shining – An aspiring author moves his family to a secluded hotel to work as caretaker during the winter shutdown. Suffering from major writer’s block, his mind starts to unravel as he hears voices in his head and experiences eerie encounters. Can his family be safe and protected while he slowly goes berserk in the middle of nowhere?

AQUARIUS: The most futuristic sign of the zodiac, Aquarians are fiercely independent and are way ahead of their time. They will go to great lengths to bring forth a utopian world no matter how strange and outlandish it may seem to others.  If their utopian vision means they’ll encounter extra-terrestrials on the way, that’s even better for this sign which is obsessed with aliens. But what happens if these alien lifeforms aren’t friendly or cute like E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial?

FILM: Alien – A spaceship crew discovers the eggs of a mysterious lifeform on a faraway moon. When one of the eggs crack open, an unknown species which is anything but cuddly is set loose on the ship. Needless to say, the crew members start to croak one by one in ghastly ways. This 1979 horror sci-fi was way ahead of its time with a female astronaut in the lead who fights till the end. It has one the most horrifying scenes in cinematic history depicting a faceoff between the main character and a hostile creature from space, which will crush the Aquarian hope of friendly E.T. encounters.

PISCES: Dreamy Pisces with an air of otherworldliness can sometimes seem lost in a different world. Ethereal connections and navigating the dreamworld can be uplifting and inspiring when the experiences are pleasant. But what happens if they’re stuck and unable to wake up when the journey takes an ugly turn?

FILM: A Nightmare on Elm Street – Exploring the meaning of your dreams and diving into dreamwork are anything but fun when you have to stay awake to avoid getting slaughtered by Freddy Krueger who appears in nightmares with bladed fingers and a burnt face. Whatever Freddy does in dreams manifests in the physical dimension in real time. This 1984 slasher classic is a Piscean nightmare of what can happen when dreams merge with reality without boundaries.

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