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The full moon lunar eclipse on the 4th/5th of July 2020 was not only the last of the three eclipses this summer, but also the final series of eclipses in the Cancer-Capricorn axis that we’ve had since 2018. 

The July eclipse marked the end of a cycle, while the eclipse a month prior on the 4th/5th of June in Sagittarius began a new cycle in the Gemini-Sagittarius axis.  

Eclipse season is far from over though.

The impact of eclipses are sometimes felt a month later.  So, the chain of events ignited would be active until mid-August 2020.

A phase of our lives is permanently ending, while another one is beginning.  

The old paradigm is dismantling, while a new one is emerging from the ashes in ways that are not yet tangible.

Personally, I cannot stop thinking of the full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius in June 2020. 

That eclipse in Sagittarius kicked off a new cycle of eclipses in the Gemini-Sagittarius series that will continue until December 2021. 

Sagittarius is a global sign known for its pursuit of truth. And full moon lunar eclipses are known for illuminating the truth. 

The June 2020 eclipse in Sagittarius exposed an ugly truth for the entire world to witness in ways that cannot be ignored. It was relentless in showing systemic discrimination and violence fueled by centuries of racial hatred.

On top of this, the South Node shifted to Sagittarius since May 2020 (and will be there for the next 1.5 years). 

The South Node is a reflection of the karmic past.

For a grueling 8 minutes & 46 seconds, the world witnessed the truth of what has been going on for centuries. This footage captured by a 17-year old girl left an indelible mark in our consciousness and will not let the world turn a blind eye.

Police brutality against African-Americans is nothing new. It’s not that the world at large is in denial about police violence based on racism. But what this footage captured is the truth of what systemic racism looks like in its ugliest form and what it does to people who are part of the system. 

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George Floyd was murdered by the police. He was pinned to the ground, while one of the police officers held him down with his knee on his neck until he stopped breathing. 

The world watched while he uttered “I can’t breathe” and cried out for his deceased mother in the final moments of his life.

In the age of social media, this video spread like wild fire.  The footage was alarming beyond measures and was painful to watch. But, what’s more distressing is the realization that this kind of violence has been regularly perpetrated in a system that normalizes it.  

It took the horrific murder of George Floyd showing up on people’s social media feed for the world to reach a boiling point in the middle of a pandemic to collectively stand against deep-rooted racism that dehumanized a race to justify exploitation through slavery.   

It fueled a visceral reaction worldwide to the extent that (for many) our conscience will not let us remain silent and do nothing about racial discrimination imbeded in the fabric of a system.

And as this happened right around the time of the Sagittarius eclipse in June (kicking off a new series of eclipses in Gemini-Sagittarius for the next 1.5 years), such global reaction will not go away any time soon.

But of course, not everyone is on the bandwagon in speaking out against racially-motivated injustices and showing their solidarity in demanding justice for George Floyd.

There has been a backlash, including in social media feeds, with statements of the following variety that also have been popping up:

  1. All Lives Matter
  2. What about black-on-black crimes?
  3. How come the world doesn’t protest over the murder of a white girl?
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In honor of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction that has been active all year, I will address each of the three above statements one by one to dissect what they are really insinuating.

Jupiter is known for expanding everything it touches. And when Jupiter connects with a powerful planet like Pluto that represents hidden power and collective shadow (among other things), underlying motivations get magnified and rise to the surface like gigantic tidal waves.  

Jupiter & Pluto first made an exact conjunction in 2020 around the 9th of April. The second exact conjunction was around the 29th of June (with both planets retrograde). The final one will take place around the 12th of November.  

So, in the spirit of this powerful conjunction, I feel that it’s my civic duty to point out the underlying motives.

But before I do, my general response to these kinds of statement is that it is pure gaslighting.

Gaslighting is psychological manipulation in which perpetrators victimize the victims further by making them question their judgement about the abuse.  

Gaslighters love to plant seeds of doubt into the minds of people they abuse (directly or indirectly) as well as into the minds of those who stand up for the abused.  

Make no mistake – gaslighting is another form of abuse! 

To me, it’s even worse than the first layer of abuse because it’s ridiculing the ones who have been abused for standing up for their rights.   

Gaslighting is a favourite tool of abusers to silence the abused.

Classic gaslighting phrases sound like: “look what you made me do” when an abusive spouse hits his or her partner. 

Now, as promised, I will address each of the above statements showing up on social media feeds by dissecting the motivation behind them.

1. All Lives Matter

First of all, the Black Lives Matter movement never directly or indirectly indicated or implied that other lives don’t matter.

They are fighting for their right to be treated with dignity. They are also battling to not be dismissed by others in a system which doesn’t see or doesn’t want to see that they experience targeted systemic discrimination and violence on a regular basis.

On the other hand, the “All Lives Matter” reaction is insinuating that the BLM movement and those who support them are bunch of whiners who just can’t stop complaining.

It’s equivalent to an eye-roll to imply that they need to get over all the discrimination and racism under the guise of “All Lives Matter”. It’s no different from an abusive spouse who just doesn’t get why their partner can’t get over the beatings from the night before.

2. What about black-on-black crimes?

What about it?

There’s brown-on-brown crimes and there’s white-on-white crimes and there are crimes perpetrated by the members of every race and ethnicity against their own kind.

So, why would black-on-black crimes discredit the BLM movement and speaking out against systemic acts of violence against black people?

I can’t imagine that those using the “What about black-on-black crimes?” argument aren’t aware of the level of violence within their own race…not to mention in their own families in many cases.

What’s hidden behind this statement is that black people deserved what they got because they kill one another in the first place.

This is classic gaslighting behavior of blaming the victim.  This is on par with “look what you made me do”. This is also not far from “let’s civilize the savages” to justify colonialism.

3. How come the world doesn’t protest over the murder of a white girl?

This kind of statement in social media feeds is often accompanied by disturbing images of white people who have been assaulted or killed by black attackers.

I wonder if those who use this statement are really that tone deaf.  Do they actually think that the world doesn’t care when white people get murdered (especially by people of color)?

Then I remembered that this is a classic tool to justify genocide and ethnic cleansing of a targeted race or ethnicity. This is so predictable that I’m actually embarrassed for gaslighters for not coming up with something better.  It’s almost laughable until you remember the countless atrocities this has caused over the centuries.

Images and in many cases rumors of people being murdered by others from a different race/ethnicity/nationality that were scapegoated to begin with (sometimes under colonization or slavery) have been used since time immemorial.

This technique has been used to drive out the Rohingya people from Myanmar (after rumors circulated in social media that someone from the Rohingya community raped a villager – the villager later admitted that she lied). 

This has also been used to create Hindu-Muslim riots in India over the years. 

And of course, how could I not mention that this has led to public lynching of African-Americans throughout the history of the United States.

It also makes you wonder if they are so aggravated over the lack of global condemnation over the murder of a white girl, how do they feel about children historically being abducted from Africa to be exploited as slaves, or boys and girls getting raped and mutilated under a colonial system? Why aren’t they saying “All Lives Matter” now?

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The truth is gaslighters aren’t interested in facts or history.

They are forming a narrative to support their own bigotry.

Also, they are trying to conceal deep shame and guilt over slavery and colonialism by hiding behind these statements. And they are doing this by playing the victim to avoid responsibility and their part in systemic racism which they benefited from at the expense of others.

There is nothing not to get about the messages from the BLM movement.

If someone can post such statements on social media, they are certainly capable of carrying out a Google search to understand the messages of BLM.

Hiding behind ignorance or pretending not to get it is exactly what it is – for those with any level of self-awareness, it reeks of hiding behind ignorance and pretense.  And it’s pathetic at best.

For those who think they can hang to on any form of privilege or security by staying silent and pretending to be ignorant, I got news – silence and ignorance will not ensure your privilege or security.

The old paradigm is dying – the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction ensures it.

Security through silence is purely delusional at this stage. Silence is not safety and at best it makes us enablers.

Collective shadows and ugly truth that the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is exposing are not comfortable or pretty. But this is exactly what the process of awakening and evolution look and feel like.

Being a Sagittarian myself, one of my shadows is self-righteousness. I cringe when I honestly acknowledge this behavior. And I cringe further when I realize that at times I’ve also been guilty of the same things I condemn others for. Shadow work is not pleasant by any means.

Chanting mantras and sitting around in a circle surrounded by crystals may look good on Instagram, but it’s surface-level awakening at best.

Looking at our individual and collective shadows will do more for our awakening than anything else, especially as the old life we knew is dying.

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