The scene is right out of a post-apocalyptic film…

You find yourself alone and isolated in a desolate land. You’re wandering around in a ghost town where you catch glimpses of remnants of life that used to be.

Forces outside your control threaten your survival and the survival of your loved ones.

Life for humankind is at stake…or is it?

This is exactly what it looks like and may even feel like for many right now in the midst of deep uncertainty and concern over a threat outside our control. 

Our inner and outer landscapes have changed drastically in the past few weeks from a state where we were planning our foreseeable future to a state where we have to manoeuvre our lives around an indefinite threat.

Did this “threat” naturally emerge or has it been manufactured?

I certainly don’t know enough to adequately answer this.

But, what’s worth thinking about is who is benefiting from the current landscape? Who is profiting the most when we follow the “money trail”? Which forces are gaining a stronger foothold for power? And who do we think can protect us?

I’m certainly not suggesting that the current “threat” is not real and that we should throw caution to the wind.

In fact, we should all take serious precautions and steps to ensure the safety and well-being of ourselves and everyone.

For a moment, let’s put aside whether or not this threat is mild or exaggerated, or whether or not it’s natural or human-made. Instead, let’s become conscious of who we are handing over our power to at a time like this. 

Fear and vulnerability are the most effective control mechanism.

When we’re fearful and vulnerable, we’re far more susceptible to giving our power away to external forces that we think can protect us.

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Right now, one of the planets (among many) that I’m particularly paying attention to is Saturn.

Saturn, the planet that contracts and restricts, is also known for generating fear (real or not).

Saturn, being the ruler of Capricorn, is acutely strong at the moment in the sign of its domicile. Furthermore, it’s currently at 29 degrees of Capricorn.

In astrology, the 29th degree is the final degree of a sign.

The 29th degree is also known as the anaretic degree, which is associated with a sense of urgency that can surface as a result of a crisis.

Fear and vulnerability compounded by a sense of urgency in the midst of an unprecedented crisis is the perfect recipe for allowing ourselves to willingly be at the mercy of other forces who we think can protect us.  

Saturn has been at the 29th degree between 9th-22nd (GMT) of March in 2020.

It will then ingress into Aquarius until 1st of July.

Saturn in retrograde phase will return to Capricorn again at the 29th degree between 1-16th (GMT) of July. Finally, Saturn direct will reach the 29th degree in the sign of the goat between 7-17th (GMT) of December this year.

I’ll be paying close attention to Saturn again in July and December.

I won’t be surprised if this crisis re-surfaces creating a climate of vulnerability and powerlessness when Saturn comes back to this anaretic degree in July and December of 2020.

For now, let’s remember that we’re all in it together.

When we collectively all go through the same experiences, we’re never alone…even if our cerebral minds tell us so.

We’re also far more powerful than our conscious mind is capable of grasping.

So, let’s not forget our own power as infinite divine beings no matter what our inner and outer landscapes look like at the moment…

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