Ladies, this one’s for you (and gents, read through this post to see if it resonates)!

You don’t need to be an astrologer to find out what he desires in a woman.

Forget what he says he wants or what he thinks he wants. This post cuts through all the mental blabber and speculations to get to the bottom of what a heterosexual man desires in a woman at a sub-conscious level.

You can test this out by observing the heterosexual men in your lives to see the kind of woman they fall for or get hooked on.

But here’s a caveat: This will NOT show compatibility for a long-term relationship. This will purely reflect what he finds desirable in a woman.

So, without further delay, what you should be looking for is…

…drum rolls…

…VENUS in his chart!

In a straight man’s chart, Venus represents the type of woman he finds attractive.

To locate Venus in someone’s chart:

  1. Google search “astrology chart generator”
  2. You’ll get a range of options for free online chart generators (select the one that appeals to you)
  3. Put their birth details on a chart generator of your choice
  4. Voila – once their chart appears, locate which sign Venus falls on

Below you will see the descriptions of the qualities that are desirable in a woman based on the placement of Venus in each zodiac sign on a man’s chart (only if he is attracted to women in the first place). 

I’ve also added quick tips on how to draw him in, so that you can sneakily embody the qualities he desires.

Moreover, I’ve included tips to drive him away because let’s face it…some of you may be in a position where you actually regret drawing him into your life in the first place.

So enjoy the tips!

Venus in Aries

He is attracted to women who are fiercely independent and full of life. He is smitten by those who passionately go after what they want.  This guy will enjoy being chased by you!

Tips to draw him in:

  • Engage in super-charged and high-octane activities with him
  • Make whatever you want to happen in your life real by pursuing it enthusiastically

Tips to drive him away:

  • Complain and whine about things not happening for you while showing little enthusiasm for anything in life
  • Be a couch potato and binge watch Netflix days in and days out
Venus in Aries: “This is fun & exciting!”

Venus in Taurus

He is attracted to someone who is sensual, practical and reliable. He finds women who are down-to-earth and stable attractive. If you’re a good cook, that’ll be a big plus!

Tips to draw him in:

  • Be surrounded by comfort and beauty in your home
  • Show that you are loyal and can be counted on

Tips to drive him away:

  • Be unpredictable and inconsistent in doing things that you say you’ll do
  • Be a drama queen and say things like “I don’t look for drama, drama always finds me”
Venus in Taurus: “My idea of a good time”

Venus in Gemini

Communication is definitely important to him. He is drawn to those who are witty, intelligent, curious and well-versed on a variety of topics.

Tips to draw him in:

  • Be intellectually stimulating with a wide range of interesting subject matters to talk about
  • Role play and be playful

Tips to drive him away:

  • Talk about the same thing every day – the more trivial the subject matter, the faster he’ll take off leaving skid marks at your doorway
  • Have no sense of humor
Venus in Gemini: “Tomorrow let me be you and you can be me”

Venus in Cancer

Men with Venus in Cancer often want a woman just like their mothers. He is drawn to someone who feels safe, secure and is nurturing. The best way to attract him is to agree with everything he says and validate his feelings all the time.

Tips to draw him in:

  • Observe his mom for clues as to what he likes
  • Make your home cozy and comfortable

Tips to drive him away:

  • Dismiss how he’s feeling
  • Be objective and unbiased by saying things like “maybe your boss has good reasons for not promoting you because you’re frequently late for work”
Venus in Cancer: “She’s just like mom”

Venus in Leo

He is drawn to glamorous woman who is like a “celebrity” or acts like one.  In other words, he wants someone in the spotlight who stands out from the crowd. He loves vibrant, affectionate and playful women. 

Tips to draw him in:

  • Entertain or perform (even if it’s karaoke)
  • Shamelessly boast about your growing number of followers on Instagram

Tips to drive him away:

  • Be dowdy and frumpy all the time
  • Stop showering him with attention
Venus in Leo: “Wow – You’re a big deal on Instagram!”

Venus in Virgo

He is drawn to someone who is composed with impeccable manners. He is particularly attracted to women who are considerate and are of service to those in need.

Tips to draw him in:

  • Be well-groomed and prim and proper in how you present yourself
  • Volunteer to be of service to others, especially to those who are vulnerable

Tips to drive him away:

  • Keep your home disorganized and untidy
  • Apply the 3-second rule with food, even if it’s spaghetti
Venus in Virgo: “She’s so organized…can’t stop thinking about her!”

Venus in Libra

He desires someone who is refined and feminine with a strong aesthetic sense. He also enjoys the company of those with whom he can share ideas. It’s a bonus, if you’re into arts and culture.

Tips to draw him in:

  • Introduce him to the finer things in life
  • Brag about your knowledge about paintings from the impressionist era (even if your knowledge is based on a TV documentary you half-watched because you were too lazy to get off the couch to find the remote control to change the channel)

Tips to drive him away:

  • Be hysterical and moody all the time
  • Draw your source of inspiration from the frat boys of your college days when designing your home
Venus in Libra: “She is always this elegant”

Venus in Scorpio

He loves the femme fatale! You don’t have to turn into an assassin to get him to notice you. But, you can draw his interest by talking about subject matters that are considered taboo by most. He loves uncovering mysteries.

Tips to draw him in:

  • Delve deep into issues that are considered inappropriate dinner conversations, especially when grandma is also around for dinner
  • Create a shroud of mystery around you by not revealing everything about you (he doesn’t need to know that the night before you spent hours watching paint dry on your living room walls)

Tips to drive him away:

  • Say things like “you can’t possibly believe in this stuff from a conspiracy theorist”
  • Flirt with other guys when he’s around you
Venus in Scorpio: “She has a lot of of secrets…and I like it!”

Venus in Sagittarius

He loves women who are free-spirited globetrotters with an expansive mind. The more exotic you appear, the better are your chances with this guy!  He loves an optimist with an open heart and big visions.

Tips to draw him in:

  • Shamelessly talk about your travels and adventures
  • Go on epic and adventurous expeditions with him

Tips to drive him away:

  • Crush his dreams and goals by pointing out that they are unrealistic
  • Mention that it’s your dream for the two of you to live in a close-knit insulated community for the rest of your lives to keep out any influence from the outside world
Venus in Sagittarius: “You said it’ll be an adventure!”

Venus in Capricorn

He is attracted to an ambitious woman with a sense of purpose. He finds those who are focused and determined to achieve their goals extremely attractive.  Bonus: If you’re a CEO of a big-shot company, he’ll be lusting for you!

Tips to draw him in:

  • Name drop people in power that you know
  • Drop hints as to how being with you can boost his career

Tips to drive him away:

  • Expect your goals and dreams to fall on your lap without effort or drive from your part
  • Suggest that the two of you live a vagabond existence
Venus in Capricorn: “My wife’s the CEO”

Venus in Aquarius

Channel your inner Che Guevera if you have a crush on a guy with Venus in Aquarius!  He loves a rebellious activist with a cause. He is deeply drawn to those who are unconventional and not afraid to speak out against injustices.

Tips to draw him in:

  • Support the underdogs and get involved in raising awareness and money for their cause
  • Point out how you’ve been called “strange”, “odd” and “weird” by others all your life to make this guy fall head over heels in love with you

Tips to drive him away:

  • Lack originality and conform to tradition by blending in with everyone else in society  
  • Say things like “I don’t understand why people protest. I fully trust what the authorities tell us”
Venus in Aquarius: “That’s my woman!”

Venus in Pisces

He is attracted to women who are mystical and dreamy. He is also deeply drawn to those who are immensely creative. This guy will fall for a woman who is sensitive and someone he can “rescue”.

Tips to draw him in:

  • This guy actually will like to hear about how you feel…so don’t spare any details as to how you’re feeling all the time
  • Play the “victim” role or tell a sob story to get his attention

Tips to drive him away:

  • Laugh at his fascination with the unseen realm and point out that his psychic experiences are purely fictional
  • Tell him that he needs to enjoy things that are practical and that he needs to be more pragmatic in his approach to life
Venus in Pisces: “I see dead people”

So, there you have it.

I wanted to keep this post short and light-hearted. 

But with all joking aside, Venus in a man’s chart will give you clues as to what he finds attractive in a woman (at a sub-conscious level). Do check out Venus in his chart to get your mojo working for you in getting his attention.

Needless to say, in astrology there are numerous factors to consider from one’s chart to find out what else they find attractive and what determines compatibility.

For in-depth readings, whether you’re a man or a woman (binary or non-binary or gender-fluid) and regardless of your sexual orientation, check out comprehensive astrology consultations I offer – HERE.

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