Fasten your seatbelt and hold on tightly!

You are on a wild rollercoaster ride with twists and turns that you never saw coming.

Your world is turning upside down. Your attention is dispersing in multiple directions.  Changes are being hurled at you from different directions. You are not sure what to focus on or which direction to take.

In the midst of confusion and turmoil, support and help come to you, including from sources you never expected.

This is what the full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius at 16 degrees feels like for many this week. This eclipse on 5 June 2020 is the first one of the three eclipses in June and July of this year.

Eclipses are wild cards often known for their unpredictability.  Eclipses also mark endings and beginnings, sometimes in a drastic way.

A chapter of our lives can permanently close, while another one swings wide open with dizzying speed.  

Individuals who play a key part in our lives can leave, while someone new enters. This includes heads of States or authority figures in the spotlight.

If you have planets and/or key points in your natal chart (ASC & DSC or MC & IC) within close degrees to this eclipse, you will feel its impact directly.

However, even if you’re not directly touched by this eclipse, it’s impossible not to be affected or to have visceral reactions to unsettling events around us.

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Murder of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer who is supposed to serve and protect civilians (while three other police officers watched) highlighted to the world the level of brutal injustice that would make anyone’s blood boil.

The world cannot look away knowing full well that this kind of racially-motivated violence has been going on for far too long.

When we choose not to do anything or speak out against hateful injustices (regardless of our race, ethnicity or nationality), we become enablers ourselves.

In the UK, Boris Johnson and his Chief Advisor Dominic Cummings have been in the spotlight, especially when it was exposed that Cummings failed to comply with social distancing guidelines that the public is expected to follow.  

Cummings was forced to publicly justify his reasons for not complying with the rules. This has raised many questions among the public.

Would we have done the same thing in his situation? Or is this a reflection of elitism to the extent that the rules don’t apply to those in power as much?

Interestingly, the eclipses this season will directly hit key planets and astrological points in the natal charts of both Cummings and Johnson (especially Johnson).

More twists and turns are on the horizon in June and July.

It will be interesting to see if any of them will be eclipsed out.

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