The upcoming eclipse on Solstice on 21 June 2020 (GMT) is the second of the three eclipses this summer.

This one is a new moon solar eclipse in Cancer at zero degrees.

Zero degrees is powerful with a heightened effect. And even more so in a cardinal sign like Cancer right at the beginning of a season, promising a major turning point.

Eclipses often mark indelible beginnings and endings, including rises and downfalls of nations and heads of State.

This eclipse falls close to Boris Johnson’s birthday.

The 0 degrees of this eclipse is within close range of his Sun and Venus in his birth chart. And what’s more striking is how close it is to his North Node.

The nodes of the moon (including North Node & South Node) in our charts reveal destiny and fate.

When eclipses fall on one’s lunar nodes, it can change the course of our destiny in a flash.

When it hits the North Node, it can activate a meteoric rise to power or the reverse.

On top of the eclipses this summer, there is so much going on in the sky right now, kicking up a lot of dust and fog for everyone.  

Being shrouded in dust and fog is further exacerbated by 5 retrograde planets (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto). Soon, it will be 6 when Neptune turns retrograde almost a day after this eclipse.

The impact of an eclipse can sometimes even be felt a month later.

It will be interesting to see if Johnson will exit or continue to stay in power in June or July.

This eclipse will either mark the beginning of a steep fall or much greater authority than what he currently holds. There will be no middle ground.

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