Eclipse season is here.

Bringing with it life-altering events that will be a game-changer for many.

The type of circumstances that are unforgettable – with one chapter of our lives closing, while another gateway opening wide in ways we never imagined. 

And in the process, changing the course of our lives forever…

The first one is a solar eclipse in earthy Taurus at 10 degrees on 30 April 2022 (GMT).  

Excitement and unforeseen changes are on the horizon with Uranus (planet of surprises & unexpected events) being close to this solar eclipse.

The Moon, Sun & Uranus in steady Taurus form a sextile (harmonious aspect) to Mars (planet of action) in dreamy Pisces.

Uranus is synonymous with unpredictability.

The surprising changes it brings, even with a harmonious aspect, may not always be the type of shifts we want to embrace with open arms.

However, there are other planetary configurations happening in the sky, which paints a more favorable outcome when we add them to the mix. 

The major one is that Venus (planet of love, money, creativity & beauty), which is the ruler of Taurus where this solar eclipse is taking place, will form a partile conjunction with Jupiter (planet of luck, blessings & expansion) in Pisces, on the same day of the eclipse.

A partile conjunction is when planets meet at the exact degree.

Venus is considered to be the lesser benefic, while Jupiter is regarded as the greater benefic in astrology.

Both Venus and Jupiter often get hailed as fortunate planets. And it is even more auspicious when they meet!

On top of this, Venus is exalted in Pisces, and Jupiter is the traditional ruler of the sign of the fish.  

An exalted planet expresses itself effortlessly, and a planet in its domicile (in this case Jupiter) feels perfectly at home in the sign it rules.

In other words, this is no ordinary meeting of Venus and Jupiter.

Their meeting is filled with benevolence and blessings in a sign they are both happy to dwell in.

Both Venus and Jupiter will be in a position to shower us with opportunities and gifts we love. And having the solar eclipse on the same day of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction and in the sign of Taurus that Venus rules will further intensify what these two benefics have to offer. 

Even Neptune (the modern ruler of Pisces) is hovering close to Venus and Jupiter.

Neptune is considered to be the higher octave of Venus.

This means that Neptune (at its best) exemplifies the higher vibrations of Venus, and its conjunction to the lesser benefic will further amplify many of the Venusian qualities.

In other words, love and creativity (which are associated with Venus) becomes compassion, unconditional love and boundless imagination with Neptune involved.

Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces will also be part of a Minor Grand Trine during this eclipse.

A Minor Grand Trine occurs when one planet sextiles (harmonious aspect) two planets which are in a trine (lucky) aspect – all forming a shape of a mini triangle ∆.

In this case, Venus, Jupiter AND Neptune are all forming a sextile to Pluto (planet of hidden power) in structured Capricorn and to Mercury (planet of communications) in airy Gemini, while Mercury & Pluto are in a trine.

Overall, this is a beautiful configuration.

Venus, Jupiter AND Neptune in Pisces are at the apex of this Minor Grand Trine, where much of the energy is concentrated.

To put it in a visual context, imagine Venus, Jupiter & Neptune on top of a mini triangle. And this trio is supported by Pluto (which is stationary retrograde right now making its energy more intense) on one side and by Mercury on the other side. 

This is heavy Piscean energy.

Even Mars is in Pisces now, although not close to Venus, Jupiter & Neptune to be part of this Minor Grand Trine. But Mars is harmoniously aspecting the planets involved in the solar eclipse (as explained above).

Piscean energy abounds right now and everything Piscean will predominate.   

This includes creative pursuits (such as music, artwork, cinema, photography), visionary projects, mystical experiences and anything we have to offer that is infused with compassion and unconditional love.

Anything dreamy and gentle in nature will be favored and supported by Mercury and Pluto that are forming a trine at the base of this Minor Grand Trine with a cluster of planets in Pisces on top.  

Similarly, the trio (Venus, Jupiter, Neptune) at the peak of this Minor Grand Trine will also send supportive Piscean vibrations to the Mercury-Pluto trine that makes up the base of this geometric configuration.

sun eclipse
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Now, let’s fast-forward to mid-May…

As we begin to approach the middle of May, the planetary energies make a drastic shift.

This shift will be heightened by the full moon lunar eclipse in intense Scorpio at 25 degrees on 16 May 2022 (GMT).

The mid-may eclipse is a difficult one when mayhem can ensue.

The lunar eclipse will be enmeshed in a tight Fixed T-square (harsh configuration), involving Saturn (hard work & melancholy) in Aquarius at the focal point.

With Saturn involved, I foresee harsh measures being taken with a gloomy and bleak ambience all around.

Saturn will square (friction & conflict) the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus (the Sun and Moon will be making an opposition as they always do during full moons & lunar eclipses).

What is concerning is that a malevolent fixed star called Algol will conjunct the Sun, permeating the energy of this Fixed T-square with aggression and brutality.

Algol has a dark reputation and is often associated with destruction and violence.

It is after all also known as the “demon star” – a label which sums up the nature of Algol.

As we get closer to the mid-May eclipse, Jupiter will also change signs from watery Pisces into fiery Aries (it will be in Aries between 10 May – 28 October 2022). 

Jupiter’s journey from Pisces to Aries will involve traversing across the degrees of another malevolent star known as Scheat – which unfortunately lives up to its name.

Scheat is one of the most notorious stars, known for suffering and misfortunes. And Jupiter’s (planet of expansion) close proximity to Scheat will amplify anguish and sorrow at a mass scale next month.

Additionally, Mercury (planet of communications & thinking) will go retrograde next month, starting from 11 May until 3 June.  Mercury Rx will add confusion and chaos to the mix.

I’m not going to get into details about the type of hardships that can surface.

In the current times we’re living in, it doesn’t take much stretch of our imagination to foresee that war and conflict can escalate further, generating widespread displacement and refugee crises in the middle of a pandemic that can flare up, while we’re trying to grapple with a global recession.

But the good news is that Mars and Pluto will make friendly aspects to other planets during the lunar eclipse in Scorpio next month.

Mars rules Scorpio in traditional astrology, and Pluto rules Scorpio in modern astrology.

Hence, both in harmonious aspects may mitigate some of the harshness of next month’s eclipse.

This could play out in the form of people reaching out and taking action to alleviate the suffering of others, both at the individual and collective level.

Even if you’re not directly impacted by this difficult eclipse next month, be ready to be there for someone who may need your support and help.

Some things will begin, while other things come to a devastating end for others, opening a new chapter they never anticipated or wanted. 

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