Horary is an ancient branch of astrology used to answer specific questions (with timelines & dates where relevant).

A horary chart is born at the moment the astrologer casts it for the question asked. Hence, the birth details of the individual asking the question, “the Querent”, are not needed.

Horary is perfect for questions regarding practical matters, such as investments, finances, missing objects, missing persons, specific partnerships & relationships, etc.

It is NOT used for frivolous questions based on curiosity that are impersonal in nature. For instance, it will not give a clear answer to a question about a hypothetical scenario, such as what would it be like to be married to so and so (if you’ve never been in contact with this person or don’t intend to be in a relationship with this individual).

However, horary can provide an honest answer if the question relates to being in a relationship with someone you already know or the prospect of reviving a past relationship if the querent is considering reconciling with an ex-partner.

Only ask the question if you are prepared to accept a negative answer. You may need to make adjustments or accept losses.

Examples of horary questions

  • Should I take my ex-partner back? Will we be happy if we get back together?
  • Will I get married to this [specific person] I’m dating?
  • Where is my missing pet? Will I be able to find her? If so, where can I find her?
  • Will I win this legal case?
  • Will selling my property be profitable this year?
  • Will I make a profit if I launch my business this year?
  • Will I get the visa to work or study in a specific country?
  • My son/daughter/parent/relative/friend is missing. Will I ever hear back from them? Or will I be reunited?
  • Should I accept this new job offer or am I better off with my current job?
  • Will [specific person] be a good business partner for me?
  • Will I be successful if I relocate to this [specific] country?
  • Where is my missing engagement ring? Will I find it? If so, where should I look for it?
  • Should I merge my business with another company?
  • Should I hire [specific person] for my company?
  • Will our offer be accepted for this property? Do we need to offer more to secure this property?

Above are some examples of typical questions submitted for horary consultations. Feel free to contact Amreen at meow@divinekitten.com if you want to check with her first if your question can be answered in a horary consultation.

Session will include

  • A 20-25 minutes consultation via phone OR a video call (depending on your preference)
  • A short report of the chart analysis and judgment (with timelines & dates if relevant) will be sent to you as an attachment via email after the consultation

How to book

Contact Amreen at meow@DivineKitten.com for a consultation with the following:

  1. Your horary question
  2. General background or relevant information about your question. It is useful to get some information (such as what happened in the past & your desired result) as that helps the astrologer to analyze and look at specific things in a horary chart. For instance, if the question is about a missing object, it is useful to know where and when you last saw the object.
  3. Where you’ll be for the consultation (so I can calculate our time difference)
  4. Days/times of the week when you’re available for the consultation
  5. Indicate if you prefer the consultation over the phone (please provide a phone number if over the phone) OR for a video call (please provide your Skype, FaceTime, Google Meet, WhatsApp or ZOOM contact information)
  6. Purchase the consultation below

Amreen will get back to you with a choice of several dates for the session once you contact her. She may also ask you for further information or clarification about the question before she casts a horary chart. If your question is not answerable in a horary consultation, she will let you know and will refund the money.

Price: £70 per question


Horary Astrology Consultation

£70 per question


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