A 90-minute consultation with Amreen is comprehensive and detailed.

Session will include

  • Analysis of your background, personality & psyche (including strengths, weaknesses, roadblocks & blind spots)
  • Ways to overcome or address your roadblocks & blind spots
  • Your soul’s purpose in this lifetime
  • Forecast for up to 12 months, including best times and specific dates to take action in different areas of your life (e.g. relationships, career, finances, fitness, etc.)
  • Insights about specific questions you have about different areas of your life – feel free to ask as many questions as you like (e.g. when would be a good time to switch careers, what’s going on with a particular relationship, is it a good time to adopt a pet, etc.)
  • As a bonus, a quick on on-the-spot three-card spread oracle card reading is also included for insights about a specific question (this provides another perspective besides astrology)
  • After the session, you will receive notes from the consultation (including important dates for action) along with the image of the oracle card reading

Techniques used: Placidus & Whole Sign House Systems, Transits, Solar Return & Secondary Progressions

Length of consultation: 90 minutes

Session: Over the phone OR a video call (if you prefer)

How to book

Contact Amreen at meow@DivineKitten.com for a consultation with the following:

  1. Your birth details: a) Date of Birth; b) Place of Birth; c) Time of Birth (if you know)
  2. Village/Town/City you were in on your last birthday
  3. Questions you have about different areas of your life
  4. Where you’ll be for the reading (so I can calculate our time difference )
  5. Days/times of the week that generally work best for you
  6. Indicate if you prefer the consultation over the phone (please provide a phone number if over the phone) OR for a video call (please provide your Skype, FaceTime, Google Meet, WhatsApp or ZOOM contact if you prefer a video call)

Amreen will get back to you with a choice of several dates for the session once you contact her.

Price: £125

Comprehensive astrology consultation


“Insightful, authentic and detailed. I was very impressed and pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of Amreen’s predictions. I don’t know how she foresaw a specific event that happened EXACTLY on the date she predicted! Highly recommended!” – Seamus, Dublin, Ireland

“The reading was amazing! I was guided to make an important decision that worked out well for me when I was at a crossroads in my life. Can’t wait to book my next session.” – Jillian, London, UK

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