A one-to-one consultation with Amreen is between 1 hr 45 min to 2 hrs (without any extra charge if the session runs a bit longer than 2 hours).

Her consultations are comprehensive and detailed with specific dates, along with insights to re-frame your mindset based on your life situation right now.

It is a real and traditional-style session, which takes preparation and analysis in advance to make sure that she addresses all questions, based on your unique birth chart.

This is NOT a session where you get a generic and impersonal soulless report spewed out of a software programme.

After the session, she will send you a report with notes on everything that is discussed, including important dates to take action in specific areas of your life. The report will also include exercises or practices (where relevant) designed to address your specific sub-conscious blocks.

Almost all of Amreen’s clients return again for future sessions and recommend her services to others.

Her consultations have been described as a combination of divination and coaching.

She treats each client as a divine soul having an unique and extraordinary experience in this lifetime to help them navigate the ups and downs of life.

Session will include

  • Analysis of your background, personality & psyche (including strengths, weaknesses, roadblocks & blind spots)
  • Ways to overcome or address your roadblocks & blind spots
  • Your soul’s purpose in this lifetime
  • Forecast for up to 12 months, including best times and specific dates to take action in different areas of your life (e.g. relationships, career, finances, fitness, etc.)
  • Insights into questions you have about different areas of your life – feel free to ask questions such as: When would be a good time to switch careers? Or why do I keep repeating the same patterns in relationships (e.g. meeting partners who are unavailable)? Or is it a good time to adopt a pet?
  • As a bonus, a quick on on-the-spot three-card spread oracle card reading is also included for insight into a specific question (this provides another perspective besides astrology)
  • After the session, you will receive notes from the consultation (including important dates for action) along with the image of the oracle card reading

Techniques used: Placidus & Whole Sign House Systems, Transits, Solar Return & Secondary Progressions

Length of consultation: Between 1 hr 45 min to 2 hrs

Session: Over the phone OR a video call (based on your preference)

How to book

Contact Amreen at meow@DivineKitten.com for a consultation with the following:

  1. Your birth details: a) Date of Birth; b) Place of Birth; c) Time of Birth (if you know)
  2. Village/Town/City you were in on your last birthday (useful for Solar Return)
  3. 4-5 questions you have about different areas of your life
  4. Where you’ll be for the reading (so I can calculate our time difference)
  5. Days/times of the week that generally work best for you
  6. Indicate if you prefer the consultation over the phone (please provide a phone number if over the phone) OR for a video call (please provide your Skype, FaceTime, Google Meet, WhatsApp or ZOOM contact information)
  7. Purchase the consultation below

Amreen will get back to you with a choice of several dates for the session once you contact her.

Price: £199

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Comprehensive Astrology Consultation

Personal astrology consultation with Amreen


Amreen also offers horary consultations to answer specific questions – HERE.


“Insightful, authentic and detailed. I was very impressed and pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of Amreen’s predictions. I don’t know how she foresaw a specific event that happened EXACTLY on the date she predicted! Highly recommended!” – Seamus, Dublin, Ireland

“The reading was amazing! I was guided to make an important decision that worked out well for me when I was at a crossroads in my life. Can’t wait to book my next session.” – Jillian, London, UK

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