What can an eclipse activate?

  1. Beginning
  2. Ending
  3. Fated event
  4. Life-changing circumstances
  5. All of the above

If you picked “All of the above”, you are correct!

This won’t be the case for everyone of course.

But there will be life-altering moments for some when the eclipses this month touch specific parts of their charts.

It’s already happening…even if the eclipses aren’t directly impacting you.

I won’t be surprised if you’ve been bombarded with news this week about major changes.

The type of changes that are a game-changer…

This could be news related to reshuffling of the power structure at a workplace. Or hearing about an unexpected pregnancy. Or finding out about a breakup or a union. Or learning that someone close to you will be relocating for work or other reasons.

I can say that this week so far, I’ve heard news about all these examples above from different people.

And I expect to hear more in the coming weeks.

The type of news where a chapter of one’s life closes, while a new one swings wide open.  And in the process, changing the course of one’s life forever, with no option of going back to the past.

First up, we have a solar eclipse in partnership-minded Libra at 21 degrees on 14 Oct 2023 (GMT).

It will be impossible NOT to feel the impact of this eclipse with Pluto, planet of power (including hidden power) and massive transformation (from the inside out and outside in) turning direct this week on 11 Oct 2023 (GMT).

Pluto, planet of death & re-birth, is known for intensifying everything, sometimes to an extreme.

I’ve mentioned many times on my posts before that whenever a planet is “stationary”, like stationary direct Pluto right now which is on a standstill from our perspective from earth, its energy is even more intense.

Both the Moon & the Sun during the Libran solar eclipse will form a wide square (friction, obstacles) to stationary direct Pluto this week.

The most extreme example of this energy is war and brutality, which is impossible to ignore right now with what’s happening in the global front.

black smoke coming from fire
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Other ways such frictions and obstacles can surface (both at the collective and individual levels) are blockages or difficulties in moving forward because of power (Pluto) struggles (square aspect).

On top of this, Venus (which rules Libra) in detail-oriented Virgo will be in a separating opposition (rival, adversary) to retrograde Saturn (limitations & restrictions) in mystical Pisces during the eclipse.

The separating nature of the Venus-Saturn opposition tells me that any opposition to Venusian matters (romance, beauty, money) at the beginning of the week will begin to diffuse by the end of this week after the eclipse.

The most hopeful and promising energy that will be activated by this solar eclipse is the Moon and the Sun’s conjunction to Spica – a fortunate fixed star!

This spells unexpected success and sudden solutions to complex problems, in spite of the challenges that emerge.

The other eclipse at the end of this month will be a lunar eclipse in earthy Taurus at 5 degrees on 28 Oct 2023.

The Moon will conjunct retrograde Jupiter (gifts & luck) during this lunar eclipse. And Venus (which also rules Taurus) in Virgo will be in a trine (lucky aspect) to both Jupiter & Uranus (surprises & revelations) in Taurus.

For some, this can play out in the form of unexpected surprises they will love.

Here are snippets of how the eclipses can impact each sign.

Read for both your Sun & Rising Signs:


Your partner, including your spouse &/or a business partner, may need your help or attention during the solar eclipse in mid-Oct. The challenge for you will be trying to simultaneously balance the demands of your work with your partner’s needs. Even if things appear chaotic at first, they will fall into place later for your partner.  Another possibility is that you may end up forming an unexpected partnership (romantic in nature for single Aries or for work).

The lunar eclipse at the end of this month may bring an influx of money or more income when you least expect it.


Watch your health during the first half of Oct. Your body may feel tired and you may need more rest than usual, especially if you are traveling. If you are a student or a teacher, the demands of learning or teaching may also take a toll on your health.

During the end of the month, you will feel much better. Many will experience unexpected surprises they will love involving children. Some Taureans may find out that they are expecting, while others will hear lovely news from one of their children. This could also play out in the form of a pleasant surprise, including getting recognition for a creative project for those in the creative field.

red moon behind galata tower
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The solar eclipse in the middle of the month may spark a romantic interest for some Geminis. If this is the case, this individual will bring much-needed joy and romance into your life! For other Geminis, one of your children (including an adult one) may be starting a new chapter of their lives.

You will need more rest and privacy during the lunar eclipse at the end of the month. This lunar eclipse can bring you sudden insights and breakthroughs during deep introspection or meditation sessions, especially with regards to your parents, ancestry &/or upbringing.  


Many Cancerians will experience massive changes in their living arrangements or will end up moving or relocating (including for their spouse or partner). Some Cancers will hear news from one of their parents who will need their help or assistance during the first half of the month. 

A friend will have a surprise for you at the end of the month…perhaps the two of you may go on a trip to a neighboring town or city for a visit. For other Cancerians, the lunar eclipse at the end of the month can bring a lot of exposure on social media all of a sudden – this is good news for those who feature their work or services online.


Many Leos will have an important contract to sign during the first half of this month. At first, there may be hurdles & delays in the form of bureaucratic red tape or lack of cooperation from another party. But that will clear out. Leos can also expect to hear news from one of their siblings about a new beginning…perhaps your sibling will relocate to a new town or start a family.

Many Leos can also expect to hear surprising news related to their work during the second half of this month. Some may get a job offer when they least expect it. Others may get promoted or major recognition for their contributions. Whatever way this plays out…it will be tied to more income!  


The solar eclipse in mid-Oct will activate the part of the chart for many Virgos that has to do with their income. Some Virgos will get a raise. If that’s the case, it may even be significantly higher than what they expected. Others will have more money coming in through the services they offer.

The lunar eclipse at the end of the month will activate travel for some Virgos. They may end up visiting a country they’ve never been to before and will enjoy every moment of it. Others may enrol into a new educational program. The lunar eclipse also looks favorable when it comes to legal cases for some Virgos.

moon in sky
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If you have a Libra Sun or Ascendant between 16-26 degrees, you will feel the impact of the solar eclipse in the early part of Oct. Some Libras may have been facing challenges related to home. This may include difficulties in finding a suitable accommodation for yourself or for your parents or challenges in selling/buying a property or ongoing renovation work at home that doesn’t seem to stop. These hurdles should clear out, or at the very least you will find a manageable solution.

The lunar eclipse at the end of the month can suddenly bring a large sum of money for other Libras. This may be through one of their investments (such as a sale of a property) or a tax rebate or even from a royalty fee for those in the creative field.


In the first half of the month, some Scorpios will be traveling to a faraway country they’ve never been to before. This trip could even be for a spiritual retreat. Other Scorpios will learn a revelatory secret. This secret could even emerge in their dreams. Most Scorpios will crave more rest than usual during the first half of Oct.

During the latter part of this month, someone new may enter into the life of some Scorpios with massive partnership potential (for romance or for business), when least expected. For others, an existing relationship may come to an end. If this is the case, it is actually for the best (even if it may not seem so at first) because this relationship has run its course.


In the first half of the month, some Sagittarians will get involved and commit to a new cause they are passionate about. This could be related to human rights or the environment. The network of people they’ll get to know will expand through this cause.  Others will join a group or association for work or a hobby (or both). Many Sagittarians will join a new social media platform, or their social media presence will grow (if they’re already online).

By the end of the month, Sadges should try to get a lot more rest and take care of their bodies. The lunar eclipse later this month can take a toll on their health & well-being. Eating nutritious meals, getting enough sleep along with any activities that strengthen the mind, body & spirit connection will help.


For Capricorns, their career is highlighted in a huge way during the first half of this month. The new Moon solar eclipse in mid-Oct can bring a new work opportunity, which will put them in the spotlight. This new job will fast-forward them to success and take them to a different chapter of their career. If you don’t get an offer now, but your boss acknowledges your contributions and mentions that they’ll keep you in mind for a higher-up position, believe them because that can become your reality in the near future (if not now).

The full Moon lunar eclipse at the end of the month will activate more fun into your life. You may be going to a costume party for Halloween &/or enjoy celebrating All Hallow’s Eve with your children. Some Capricorns will also be completing a creative project by then.

silhouette of foliage against moon
Photo by Fatih Turan on Pexels.com


The solar eclipse in mid-Oct highlights publishing, learning, long-distance travel and legal matters for Aquarians. Some may be enrolling into a program to expand their knowledge and expertise. Others may be traveling overseas. Sagittarians who are writers may hear that a publisher is interested in their work. For others, this could be the beginning of a legal case.

The lunar eclipse at the end of the month puts a spotlight on their home. Some will be seeing their parents after a long time. For others, one of their parents will require their attention. Many Aquarians may have to move all of a sudden or their living arrangements can change unexpectedly. If that’s the case, they will love their new home or accommodation.


A large sum of money can come into your life during the first half of October. This could be from inheritance, investment or other sources, such as a tax rebate, divorce settlement, childcare benefits or even royalty fees from creative work. It will be a generous amount. If you don’t receive this amount this month, but if things have been set in motion for it to happen, I would advise you to be patient because the possibilities are high that it’ll come to you in the near future.

At the end of the month, you will be paying attention to one of your siblings more than usual. Your sibling will have good news for you. Other Pisceans will finalize a contract or an agreement with a partner (or an ex-partner) by then. This “partner” could even be a lawyer or an accountant.  

These are short forecasts for each sign.

A one-to-one consultation with me is detailed, nuanced and comprehensive with dates & timelines for action based on your unique chart. For more information about a personal reading with me, click HERE.

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