Jupiter (expansion, luck, blessings) ingressed into Taurus on 16 May 2023 (GMT). It will stay in this earth sign until 25 May 2024 (GMT).

This is what each sign can expect while Jupiter aka the “Greater Benefic” is in the sign of the bull.

Before I do that, I want to point out that Jupiter magnifies everything it touches. And at one point during its tour in Taurus, it will meet with Uranus (shock, suddenness) which is also in Taurus now, heightening Uranian jolts and surprises.

Hence, even if Jupiter is hailed as the Greater Benefic with a reputation for bringing luck & gifts, we need to take the greater context into account.

For instance, it may be a pleasant surprise when your income expands all of a sudden. Or it could be a harsh wake up call when there is a sharp increase in the interest rate of a mortgage loan you took.

So, context is everything.

Having said that, I will focus on the Jupiterian gifts for now, and what it means for each sign.

Read for both your Rising & Sun sign:


Aries can expect a rise in their income. Ask your employer for a pay rise or increase the fees of your services while Jupiter is in the sign of the bull for the next one year.

Other ways you can expand the flow of money into your life is to sell valuable items, such as antique jewellery, that you may have in your possession that you no longer need. It will have the potential to bring you more money than you imagined.


Taureans deserve Jupiterian blessings the most, after having gone through some harsh eclipses that impacted many quite directly.

Expect to feel more optimistic and joy with Jupiter in your sign.

For many, your health and well-being will also improve. I cannot think of a better time for Taureans to seek healing or medical treatments for health-related challenges they may have been going through.

Overall, Jupiterian blessings will permeate into all areas of your life!


Some Geminis may be traveling to a faraway land that they’ve never been to before, including for a spiritual retreat.

Many Geminis will have sudden insights & breakthroughs from limiting beliefs that may have been hiding in their sub-conscious, keeping them stuck in the same patterns for years.

For the next one year, dive deep into your psyche and embark on an inner journey to enjoy Jupiterian fortunes.

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Cancers will make new friends and their social network will expand. This will include friends they’ve made from different countries, bringing more joy and fun into their lives.

A friend will also be influential in helping Cancerians with their goals and aspirations.

If your profession or business requires the use of social media, expect to see huge success with your social media presence, perhaps even suddenly.


Jupiter will help Leos to rise in their profession or to get their dream job. For many, their jobs will require the use of technology, even more than before. Some Leos will also do well in esoteric careers, such as astrology.

This is a good time for Leos to pursue their career-related dreams with passion and great enthusiasm.

If you start a business now, it will have the potential grow and expand for at least 12 years.


Many Virgos will be traveling to foreign countries, including to places they’ve never been to before.

Some Virgos will be pursuing higher studies to further solidify their credentials and expand their mind like never before.

Virgos in the legal field will do exceptionally well in the next one year with Jupiter in Taurus. If you are enmeshed in a legal battle of some sort, Jupiter may even favor you.

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For many Libras, their spouse or partner can bring more money into their lives.

Some will make substantial amounts from royalty fees, advances from books or profits from the sale of property.

Investment is favored for Libras as well. But make sure to carry out thorough research and speak with seasoned financial advisors. And last but not least, listen to your intuition before making any major risky financial investments.

Libras will also benefit from therapeutic processes for healing.


Jupiter in Taurus is good news for Scorpios looking for a romantic partner. 

If you are looking for a long-term relationship, be sure to make yourself available to meet new people, including those who have a different background from yours &/or are from a different country. Lightning can strike when it comes to finding the “one” when you least expect it.

For other Scorpios, a valuable partnership is on the horizon at their workplace or business.  This includes different kinds of collaboration as well if you are in the creative field.


Sagittarians will experience breakthroughs when it comes to their mental and physical health.

This is the best time to try out new fitness programs, eating habits &/or holistic practices, some of which will be sustainable. The changes you experience in your body will last for many years. 

Some Sagittarians will welcome a furry (or non-furry) baby into their home. This can be a cat, a dog, an iguana or perhaps all of the above and more.

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Romance shines for Capricorn. And so does creative work!

If you’re looking for romance, be out and about more, and make yourself available for love.

This is a great phase for creative pursuits, whether it’s a cooking show or a fictional book that you want to introduce to the world. Now is a good time to start your creative hobbies and have fun along the way!

Some Capricorns will become a parent for the first time or have another child, possibly even quite unexpectedly.


Moving or relocating is highlighted for Aquarians, including to a different country for some. For some Aquarians, this may happen all of a sudden.

Although a typical Aquarius is future-oriented and forward thinking, some will dig deep into their roots to learn more about their ancestry. If that’s the case, ancestral healing is also highlighted for Aquarius for the next one year.


Pisceans will enjoy traveling to their surrounding towns and villages in the next one year, including places they haven’t visited before which happen to be just a few hours or even a few minutes away from them.

Many Pisceans will be spending more time with their siblings with Jupiter in Taurus.

This is an excellent time for Pisceans to start a podcast or a YouTube channel or even write a book, so that they can express their ideas and share their knowledge with the world.

These are snippets of what each sign can expect with Jupiter in Taurus.

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