The month of October 2022 has a lot going on.

The square (friction, conflict) between Saturn (structure, establishment) in collective-minded Aquarius and Uranus (shock, rebellion) in stability-seeking Taurus has intensified once again.

This is highlighting the themes that surfaced since 2021 when Saturn-Uranus made three exact squares.   

The first square was on 17 Feb 2021 at 7 degrees. The second one on 14 Jun 2021 at 13 degrees. And the final one on Christmas eve at 11 degrees.

This October, these two planets aren’t making an exact square, like last year.

Nevertheless, the orb of their degrees is tight enough (with both planets hovering around the 17-18 degrees range) for the tension and pressure of this square to be felt, at the collective level and for many also at the individual level.

Even though these planets are separating from this challenging aspect. However, a hard eclipse coming up in November (which I write about below) will activate the energy of the Saturn-Uranus square once again.

Saturn is associated with structures and foundations, while Uranus is known for sudden upheavals and revolutions.

Since 2021, the Saturn-Uranus squares revealed how rocky the foundations of our lives have become, with the old paradigm dismantling.

By now, the old paradigm has been shredded to pieces.  

And there’s no going back to certain things that were once familiar.

The Saturn-Uranus square also has been playing out in the form of limitations & restrictions (Saturn) that have led to social unrest (Uranus).

Clashes between authorities (Saturn) and the masses (Uranus) have become the norm.

In the UK where I’m living at the moment, the British pound took a dramatic plunge this month (its lowest value since 1971) after a program of tax cuts and borrowing to fund public services were announced by the new Prime Minister and her Chancellor (who got fired while I was writing this update).

I’m not suggesting corruption here, as I obviously don’t know what went on behind the scenes. 

But I couldn’t help but think that a few who may have known in advance about the specifics of this program had a golden opportunity to make a vast amount of money in a short span of time – just saying.

With the looming energy crisis, Britain is also preparing for possible power cuts this winter.

Tens of thousands of transport workers in the UK have also been going on strikes and preparing for more in a long-standing dispute over pay and working conditions.

This is all happening against a backdrop of high inflation rates and staggering costs of living.

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Much of this is also a familiar scenario in other parts of the globe.

Hence, it’s hardly a surprise to see clashes (square) between the establishment (Saturn) and the people (Uranus) intensifying.

To say that people have lost confidence in their governments around the world is an understatement.

Words like “psychopath”, “tyrant” and “egotistical maniac” to describe heads of state, representatives of financial institutions and other powerful establishments now flow out of the mouths of even those who have always done things by the book.

Later this month, Mars (planet of action), which has been in airy Gemini since 20 Aug 2022 (and will remain here until 25 Mar 2023), will turn retrograde on 30 Oct 2023 until 12 Jan 2023 (GMT).

Forging ahead with new initiatives when Mars is retrograde is like starting a marathon when you are asleep.

Not only do things move at a snail’s pace with Mars Rx, but many things also come to a screeching halt.

The energy of everything slowing down is already being felt.

A few days before the retrogradation of Mars, retrograde Jupiter (luck & expansion) will slip back into dreamy Pisces for the third time on 28 Oct 2022 until 20 Dec 2022, before it re-enters fiery Aries once again.

Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces.

It first entered the sign of the fish back in 13 May 2021 until 28 Jul 2021, beginning a 12-year cycle (it takes Jupiter roughly 12 years to tour through all 12 zodiac signs).

It then ingressed into Pisces again for the second time between 29 Dec 2021 and 10 May 2022.

Retrograde Jupiter’s move into the last sign of the zodiac for the final time (until it returns to Pisces again 12 years later) will help us to backtrack and retrace some of the steps we took when it was in Pisces during the above timelines.

With Jupiter associated with luck & blessings, some of the action we took during its journey into Pisces earlier this year and during the summer of last year may even bring victory and good fortune, the third time around.

On top of all these major planetary transits and configurations, we will have an eclipse during the last week of this month on 25 Oct 2022.

Eclipses come in pairs.

The first one at the end of October will be a new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio at 2 degrees. 

The second one will be a full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus at 16 degrees on 8 Nov 2022.

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Both eclipses promise to bring twists and turns.

The second one in particular on 8 Nov 2022 will be intense, as it will be enmeshed in a Fixed T-square (harsh aspect) activating the Saturn-Uranus square I mentioned.

The activation of Saturn-Uranus square with the lunar eclipse next month will be the final nail in the coffin when it comes to our old paradigm collapsing forever.

Eclipses can bring fated events that can change the course of our lives.

When an eclipse falls on specific parts of our charts, we face life-altering events that close one chapter of our lives while another gateway swings wide open.

Even if you’re not directly impacted by the upcoming eclipses, you will witness unforgettable events that end up in history books, including rise and fall of heads of state.

Eclipses can accelerate time and bring forth new circumstances in the blink of an eye.

Here is a quick glimpse of how the eclipses can impact each sign.

This applies to both your Sun & Rising sign.


The houses of your chart that have to do with income and investment are highlighted. This is not a good time to invest in anything new &/or risky. Many Aries will hear news about money, including sudden changes in income.

There will also be a dramatic shift (inner & outer) on what you value.


Pay attention to your body and well-being. These eclipses can put a strain on your health.

For some Taureans, a new relationship will begin (when least expected), while for others a long-term partnership can come to an end. Another scenario is that your partner can end up with a life-changing opportunity (such as a new job or relocation to another place) that will impact your relationship.   


Both physical and mental health are highlighted for Geminis.

Keep your schedule light and get loads of rest (more than what you generally need).  Many Geminis will find out secrets that are shocking – this could include discovering that someone they trusted had been a hidden enemy all along.


For some Cancers, their children will be embarking on a new journey. For instance, your grownup child may enroll into an educational program or start a new job that will require them to move.

For other Cancers, a friendship may come to an end because of shocking things you discover about your friend.


Some Leos will be moving or buying/selling their homes. Massive changes involving a parent could also be in the horizon.

For other Leos, a job may come to an end. Alternatively, relocating elsewhere for a new job is also a good possibility.


A sibling may need a lot of your attention. For instance, they may need your help to move or to watch their kids because of enormous changes or pressure in their life.

November is not the best time for international travel for Virgos. Other Virgos may decide to quit an academic program they are enrolled in, after realizing that it is not a good match for them.

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A new financial opportunity or a new prospect for earning an income can surface for some Libras. 

The houses of your chart related to money and investment are highlighted. A large sum of money can come into your life suddenly. Not the best time for risky investments. But it’s better to let financial opportunities come to you, rather than chase after new opportunities.


Some Scorpios will undergo a drastic change when it comes to their appearance. For instance, they may decide to shave off their hair.  I wouldn’t recommend making major changes to your looks at a time like this (if you can avoid it).

Others will undergo changes when it comes to partnerships – a new partner can enter their life, while another relationship comes to an end. 


An opportunity to travel to a faraway place that you’ve never been to can surface. Your intuition will be sharper than usual once we enter Scorpio season at the end of October.

Many Sagittarians will need more rest than usual. The eclipse in November can be hard on your health. So, don’t overextend yourself. And say no to people or things that drain your energy.


A new friend can enter your life or a friendship with someone you never expected can emerge for some Capricorns. For other Capricorns, an opportunity to be a part of an association or a group can come up.

Many Capricorns will be shocked by how much money they’ll be spending on their children or on social activities in November.


A new career-related opportunity can materialize for many Aquarians. If that’s the case, this opportunity will be demanding &/or will be unclear in terms of how much effort it’ll require. My advice is to get as much clarity as you can before you agree to anything or sign a contract.

Some Aquarians will have to move or relocate all of a sudden. Also, keep your eyes and ears open for a parent who may need your help.


Some Pisceans will be traveling, while others will participate in a new educational program. Also, some Pisceans will embark on a new spiritual journey.

A major dispute with a sibling is possible, which can damage the dynamic of the relationship. Try not to get drawn into your sibling’s drama (if you can avoid it).

There you have it. These are short snippets of what each sign may experience during eclipse season.

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