The new Moon in all-or-nothing Scorpio at 21 degrees on 13 Nov 2023 (GMT) activated the energy of unpredictability and sudden shifts.

There is this signature of lives turning upside-down, with things swinging from one end of the spectrum to the other end in the blink of an eye.

This energy will be active until 23 Nov 2023.

Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio (the modern ruler is Pluto), was conjunct this new Moon, with a tight opposition from retrograde Uranus.

The Mars (war, combat) and Uranus (shock, disruption) opposition (tension, opposing forces) can manifest in the form of upheaval and turmoil.

It also has the characteristics of volatility and brutality – not the best combination for taking risks.  

On the other hand, this lunation also highlights breakthroughs and innovations.

This can play out in the form of sudden insights that become catalyst for growth and awakening. Or a change of heart and mind after being exposed to things after which you are no longer the same.

We’re already seeing this worldwide with mass demonstrations and protests demanding an end to the unprecedented horrors in Gaza – which has recently been described as a “graveyard for children” by the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

What’s striking about these marches is the sheer number of people showing up and vocalizing their condemnation and the need for immediate humanitarian intervention, in spite of the risks involved.

Among them are some who said their perspective shifted and they had a complete turnaround after learning the history of this conflict – not from mainstream media, but from other sources. 

I’ve lost track of the number of individuals who said they no longer care if they face massive backlash from others (offline or online) for speaking out.

Some (who rely on social media for their work) are willing to take the chance of having their pages and accounts removed.

They no longer want to remain silent while a genocide is taking place right before their eyes.

This is quite the contrast to the demonstrations I took part in decades ago, calling for basic rights of Palestinians.

Back then, at times only a handful of people would show up, including a few rabbis to show their support. They would condemn the human rights abuses perpetrated against Palestinians in the name of their religion.

Over the years, I’ve worked with human rights agencies and international organizations where I had the privilege to work alongside dedicated human rights defenders and aid workers.

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I almost ended up working in Gaza myself at one point. But wasn’t available to accept the offer as I was already posted elsewhere. 

Some of my colleagues worked in Gaza. And I learned so much from them about the restrictions imposed on Palestinians living in Gaza over basic things.

Access to facilities, including water and electricity, were controlled for decades. And now the supply of water and electricity has been shut off.

One of my Jewish colleagues described how humiliating and dehumanizing it was for Palestinians to go through checkpoints every day. It not only stripped away the dignity of those who were subjected to it, but also tore away at his soul every time he witnessed it.

What I describe here barely even scratches the surface of what it has been like for Palestinians.

My Palestinian friends and colleagues over the years had shared some of their most personal experiences of what it was like to live in Gaza.

The one I will never forget is from a family friend who described how her entire family would recite a prayer and say goodbye to one another before going to sleep every night as that may have been the last time they would see one another.

This conflict didn’t begin last October.

It has been going on for 75 years.

But now it has escalated to such a scale that the world cannot ignore.

It is no longer a crisis.

It is a humanitarian catastrophe (to say the least) that has been created.

The Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC), which is the highest-level humanitarian coordination forum of the UN (it includes some non-UN humanitarian agencies also), in a rare joint statement signed by the heads of 18 different humanitarian organizations called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.

From their statement, I was stunned to read that even the number of aid workers killed in Gaza since 7 Oct 2023 has been the highest number of fatalities ever recorded in a single conflict. 

By the way, attacks in Gaza did not start after 7Oct when Hamas took over parts of Israel where over 200 Israelis are being held hostage.

There had been countless unprovoked attacks in Gaza for decades before this incident.

And since 7 Oct, over 11,000 Palestinians have been killed (as of today) with an entire population denied access to the essentials for survival while indiscriminate bombings are taking place.  

During a conversation with my husband several weeks ago, I remarked that the tide will turn…

For years, the mainstream media in the West has been covering one side of the story, while leaving out basic facts and statistics that make the disproportionate nature of power in this conflict glaringly obvious.

people with palestinian flags protesting on the street
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This is not to take one side over another.

I’m talking about basic history to get an overall understanding of this conflict.

If it was the other way around with Israelis being subjected to this level of horror and humiliation in a system based on an asymmetrical structure of power, I would be writing about it also.

So many people have been apprehensive to speak the truth out of fear of being labeled an anti Semite, including many Jewish scholars, activists and regular people who are tired of a war being perpetrated in the name of their religion.

Many have been ostracized for speaking out. While others have lost their jobs and reputation, and have even been thrown into prisons.

There are even some Israelis, who are putting their own lives and their families’ lives at risks right now, to expose the atrocities via social media or through any means they can get their hands on right now.

I understand that sometimes the citizens are not necessarily on board with their government’s actions and policies. 

I mentioned to my husband that I won’t be surprised if the mainstream media turns around and starts covering other factors, which are now impossible to ignore.

This week, I’ve been waking up to headlines, such as “Everyone loves diversity and inclusion – until you stick up for Palestinians” by The Guardian, while Apple News covered the story of a Gaza dentist given 2 hours to clear his neighborhood before Israeli authorities started bombing. And even a CNN correspondent is questioning why there was an Israeli airstrike in Gaza’s largest refugee camp.

I’m not suggesting at all that the mainstream media in the West has now completely turned around.

But they are beginning to ask some obvious questions, which cannot be overlooked.     

I also mentioned to my husband that many of these journalists and media personalities that have been sticking to a generic narrative for years have children and grandchildren that will question them and call them out.

Their children do not want to carry on the legacy of ignorance and hypocrisy.

Not taking a stand now is equivalent to those who did not speak out against the system of Apartheid in South Africa (the Western media was complicit in legitimizing that system not too long ago).

Showing support for Palestinians in the West is not popular like it is to wave a Ukrainian flag to show symbolic support of solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

If anything, it’s the opposite…with the level of backlash involved.

With this new Moon activating the intensity of the tension between trying to keep our heads down to avoid trouble vs. speaking out and taking a stand, more and more people will rise up to speak their truth despite the repercussions. 

Their voices will get louder…

Not because of virtue signalling.

But because their conscience will not let them stay silent.

We cannot unsee what we saw, unhear what we heard, or pretend not to know what we know…even if it’s safe to do so.

And this intensity will get stronger when Pluto (power, transformation) re-enters the collective sign of Aquarius next year.

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I’m including short snippets of what each sign can expect with this volatile new Moon.

Read for both your Rising & Sun sign:


Not a good time to take any financial risks.

Your investments can take a sudden turn.

For some, there could be an unexpected rise in profit. For others, it can swing in the opposite direction. 


Your health and well-being will need more attention.

A health-related challenge could have surfaced all of a sudden for some. If that’s the case, get plenty of rest and of course see a medical practitioner who can help.

You may even discover a new workout or diet that will spark a breakthrough in your lifestyle.


Many Geminis will need more rest than usual because of an illness.

If you’re forced to stay in bed to recover and recuperate, use this time to go on an inner journey through meditation and deep introspection. You’ll discover powerful insights, which can even come to you in dreams or as intuitive hunches when you least expect it.


Cancerians in the creative field can experience unexpected breakthroughs in their work.  For instance, one of your creative projects may end up getting a lot of attention on social media.

For other Cancers, one of your children may need your attention all of a sudden.

A friend may say something shocking out of the blue, which will make you re-evaluate this friendship. 


Your home is highlighted.

Some may need to move all of a sudden because of a job opportunity. Others may have to move because they lost a job and can no longer afford to stay in their current environment. Or perhaps something needs to be repaired at home, which needs immediate attention.

For many Leos, one of your parents will need your help and assistance, when least expected.


If you have to travel to a nearby town or city, there will be disruptions.

For some, this short-distance travel could be related to a sibling or a relative who suddenly needs your help.

If you have to sign an important contract, read the fine print and even get a second opinion because there could be something in the terms & conditions that may not be favorable for you.

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There could be a sudden change in your income.

Hopefully, it will be money that comes to you when you least expect it. But, there’s always the possibility of the opposite. For instance, you get paid much less than you expected.

If you’re starting a new job, make sure you clearly understand what the salary or the wage will be.


Many Scorpios will be beginning a new chapter of their lives, involving a partner or a spouse.

For instance, some may be moving in with a romantic partner. Others may have had a recent breakup that was shocking.

It is a turbulent new Moon. If you’re thinking of a business partnership, make sure that both of you are clear about your roles in this partnership.


Sagittarians will need and crave more rest than usual.

You are better off working on a project behind closed doors, which you can showcase to the world at a more suitable time.

For some, one of your pets may need help and assistance all of a sudden.

If you’re recovering from a health-related problem, use this time to slow down and go within to tap into your inner power.


Friendship is highlighted for Capricorns. Some may discover something about a friend which will shock them. You may even become good friends with someone you never expected.

If you are a part of a group or an association, you will hear surprising news. For instance, someone from the group may step down, which could even be you because you no longer want to be associated with this group.


A new career-related opportunity could surface when you least expect it. This opportunity will not be stable though.

Other Aquarians may find out that they’ve lost their jobs.

Other ways this energy could play out is that you are forced to quit your job because of responsibilities at home that surface out of the blue. This responsibility could involve taking care of a parent.


If you have plans to travel overseas, keep in mind that there could be a lot of disruptions or delays while traveling. The country you’re traveling to may also be undergoing turmoil and unrest, which surfaced all of a sudden. 

For many Pisceans who are students, they may change their minds about their academic program and re-evaluate if this is something they want to continue to be enrolled in.

These are short summaries for each sign.

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