Sagittarian season is here.

Being a Sagittarian myself, I love this season!

I’m full of optimism, generosity and happiness every time Sadge season rolls around, no matter what my external circumstances are like.   

Every year, without fail this season lives up to the Sagittarian promise of joy, expansion and light-heartedness for me.

The month of November 2021 was intense and difficult for many.

In contrast, December has a much different feel with major astrological phenomena that are headline news-worthy.   

The first major headline is that mystical Neptune went direct on 1 December 2021 (GMT) in Pisces at 20 degrees.

This coincides with the energy of the upcoming new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius on 4 December 2021 (GMT) at 12 degrees.

When a planet is stationary retrograde or stationary direct (as with Neptune right now), its energy is intense.

Everything Neptunian is highlighted at the moment, including our inner world of dreams and intuition.  

Neptune turning direct can lift the Neptunian fog of confusion. This can come to us as intuitive hunches.

This is the time to pay attention to your gut feelings and sixth sense.

The intensity of stationary direct Neptune is further exacerbated by the solar eclipse in Sagittarius.

This eclipse marks the end of the cycle of eclipses in the Gemini-Sagittarius series.

Eclipses are connected to the lunar nodes. The lunar nodes are also known as the “Nodes of Fate”, heralding fated events depending on where these eclipses fall on our individual charts.

The Nodes of Fate are powerful.

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A rudimentary explanation of the nodes is that the South Node indicates “decrease” while the North Node points to “increase”.

The eclipses in the Gemini-Sagittarius cycle in the past 18 months displayed that in remarkable ways.

The South Node has been tied to the eclipses in Sagittarius. We saw major themes associated with globe-trotting Sagittarius, such as international travel and higher education, diminish.

Conversely, the North Node in the past 18 months has been connected to the eclipses in Gemini. We all experienced Gemini-related activities in full force in the past year & a half, including increase in the use of social media and learning skills that are applicable right away, in order to navigate our current world of restrictions during this global pandemic.

The Nodes of Fate will soon switch to Taurus and Scorpio.

We already had a full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus last month on 19 November 2021 (GMT).

In 2022 and part of 2023, the North Node will change to Taurus, highlighting everything Taurean.

Taurus is associated with more practical, earthly and physical matters, such as our environment and physical security. We can expect issues related to environmental protection and money to be in the forefront in 2022 and 2023. 

The South Node will shift to mysterious Scorpio, shrinking many Scorpionic themes. Things that are undefinable, formless and intangible when it comes to our physical security will become less of a priority.

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The other headline news this month is that Venus will go retrograde in Capricorn on 19 December 2021 (it will turn direct on 29 January 2022).

Venus rules love, money and beauty.

With Venus Rx, we are much better off going back to matters related to love, money and beauty from the past, rather than starting fresh.

For instance, go back to or continue with your grooming or beauty regimen that had been part of your life, such as a hair or a beard trim. Venus Rx is not a good time for a new makeover of your appearance.

Similarly, revising or returning back to the way you earn money, and reflecting on your past relationships or even reviving a relationship from the past (if that’s what both parties want), are more favorable than beginning something new.

Soon after Venus goes retrograde, we will have the last of the three Saturn-Uranus squares on Christmas eve.

Saturn in collective-minded Aquarius will make an exact square (friction & conflict) to Uranus in risk-averse Taurus at 11 degrees on 24 December 2021 (the other exact squares this year were on 17 February at 7 degrees & 14 June at 13 degrees).

Saturn is associated with structures and foundations, while Uranus is known for sudden upheavals and revolutions.

Needless to say, this Saturn-Uranus square reflects how rocky the foundations of our lives have been all year round, with the old paradigm dismantling.

This Saturn-Uranus square is also playing out in the form of unexpected changes, mass demonstrations and social unrest that we are seeing around us, which now feels like sequels to a movie that keeps getting launched every few months.

The final major headline of this month is that Jupiter (planet of expansion & abundance) will ingress into dreamy Pisces on 29 December 2021 (GMT).

Jupiter tours each sign for roughly about a year (Jupiter will also ingress into Aries in the middle of 2022 for a few months before returning to Pisces again).

Jupiter’s upcoming transit in the sign of the fish will be particularly potent as it is the traditional ruler of Pisces (the modern ruler is Neptune which is also in Pisces right now). 

Jupiter in his own domicile will heighten everything Piscean.

The last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, is associated with creativity, imagination and deep compassion at its best (among other things).

Next year, expect film, music or any creative industry to produce creative work that will be unprecedented in captivating us, especially when Jupiter conjunct Neptune in March 2022.  

To activate Jupiter’s “luck”, be as boundless as the ocean in your generosity and make plenty of room for mystical experiences in your life…

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