In Part A, you will learn about the elements and modes of each zodiac sign.

In addition to watching this video, make sure to do the exercises in the Workbook for PART A (download workbook below) by writing them down. The exercises are powerful and will help you identify specific ways you can work with the energy of your Rising and Sun sign for an optimal life.

VIDEO – Part A: Uncover the hidden power of your horoscope

In Part B & C, you will get to know the 12 houses of astrology. Part B will cover the personal planets in your horoscope (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars). And Part C will cover the social planets (Jupiter, Saturn), the generational planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto), in addition to the nodes of your moon (South Node, North Node).

Both Part B & C are in one video. A workbook is also included to guide you to tap into the energy of each planet and the lunar nodes in your horoscope.

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